The way he lets techno sound is his trademark and no two performances are the same: DJ and live act Klima (aka René Klimaczewski). Ever since he launched the Kellermusik Records label in 2001, everyone has been able to follow their ideas of gloomy, driving techno resembling hammer blows on the turntable. Since then, numerous collaborations have lined Klima’s musical career, including with the Americans Architect and Converter (both Ant-Zen) and the Canadian Displacer (M-Tronic), whom he supported with various remixes. As a DJ, Klima proves impressively both internationally and in his home base Leipzig, how many genres can be combined, whereas his live act represents an instance of the deep and heavy-sounding 4/4 beat, in which the deviations from the norm are always surprisingly new and yet transport familiar-sounding beats into the heads of the listeners.

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