Kellermusik 08 „Divider E.P.“

  1. Addicted To Noise Klima 0:58
  2. Cloud Eye (Rmx) Klima 0:58
  3. Noise-Induced Error Klima 0:58
  4. Witch Hunter (Hanged) Converter 0:58
  5. D.1K.D Converter 0:58
  6. Order/Creature (LM) Converter 0:58

Converter to take rather very hard. probably delivers one of the louder records to Kellermusik. You can clearly hear industrial influences, almost dubstep-like.

There are remixes from Klima on top.
Available in standard and special cover.

Release Date:2005
Label:Kellermusik Records
Format:12inch Vinyl

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