HTK releases Fratzencenter EP @Bandcamp


Being active since 1994, you can find records from over the past >20 years by leipzig-based Submit Records label founder Stanley Hottek ak HTK, _hottek on various labels such as Planet Pump, Wheel Works, Tonantrieb, Axial and so on. For friends like 16Pad Noise Terrorist, Sans-Fin or Georg Bigalke (Drec, Distillery Leipzig) he was already active as a remixer.


After Foundation and the first Release of Submit Records in September 2012, the Peak of 2013 see’s the routinely spreading of Submit Digital Tunes through the Depths of all Internet Labels. Pals such as Stanley Hottek , Klima (Kellermusik Rec.,Tonantrieb), Klangbild (Kellermusik rec.),16 Pad Noiseterrorist and many others will shape their Visions via Submit Digital. After the temporary shutdown of the Submit Records digital offshoot in 2015, the label will soon be back with new releases.


Sub-label of Kellermusik Records in the genres minimal, techhouse, techno, experimental-techno and rominimal. founded in 2006 by Rene Klimaceweszi aka Klima. The label is supported and managed by Stanley Hottek aka HTK (Submit Records).

Kellermusik Records

Active Leipzig techno label since 2001. Starting with the gloomy Fasttracker 2 „Keller“ tunes on vinyl, the repertoire
around label founder René Klimaczewski aka Klima, Morbus M, Exocet encompasses more than just the typical „Kellermusik“ techno. He has published on Hands Productions, Ant-zen, Spunky Monkey, Elektroanschlag, M-Tronic and his own minimal Label Tonantrieb, among others.